Ready for a steady stream of clients?

After working with hundreds of business owners, I know there’s 3 ways freelancers get stuck:

1 - they don't know how to get leads

2 - they don't know how to turn leads into clients

3 - they don't have a service that people want

You might look at one (or two or three) of those areas and realize “yepppp that's me.”

Those are the only things you need for a successful service business

It’s time to stop winging it, and instead have a clear path to grow a business you can count on.

That’s what you get in Profitable Service Providers.

This course gives the step-by-step customizable process to becoming a successful freelancer.

You don’t have to use every strategy - it’s specifically designed to give the best options, and you choose what works for you. 

You'll know exactly how to...

Attract leads

The first step is to meet people who need your service.

Because every freelancer is different, I’ve included multiple step-by-step strategies for attracting clients.

No need to do them all! Just choose what’s right for you :)

Develop a referral system that sends a reliable stream of leads your way. 

Confidently reach out to people who could use your service.

And use social strategically to connect with dream clients and have them reaching out to you

Book calls

Now you’ll create a simple, highly effective process to get discovery calls booked.

Consultations become a breeze when you follow the 7 steps.

It's not even “salesy", weird or awkward. We don’t do that  :)

Have people showing up to the call primed and ready to work with you.

Get more people saying ‘yes’ because you’ve prepared them in advance.

Gracefully talk pricing so clients immediately see the value of your service. (You’ll never talk price again without it!)

Offer your service

The first thing you'll do is create your easy-to-sell Signature Service. 

And you'll know it works, since you'll follow the proven process to pinpoint the perfect offer. (No guessing!)

You’ll clearly and naturally articulate what you do, so people 'get it' and are ready to sign up.

Create your Service Page which pre-sells your offer before a lead even reaches out.

By the time people jump on a call, they’re basically “in” and just want to finalize the logistics so you can get going.

Even just one of these strategies can make a dramatic difference in your business

Maybe you're great a consults, but suck at attracting leads. 

Maybe you have a great offer, but bumble the call.

No matter which area you need help with, Profitable Service Providers will 'fill the gap'.

And at just $997 it’s common to make back your investment in just a client or two.

And it's more than just about clients...

It's so much bigger than that.

It's creating momentum and cashflow when you want, instead of being a the whim of whatever work comes your way. 

It's the inner calm and confidence that comes from having a solid business.

It's being present with family and friends since you're not stressing about business all the time.

It's time to ask yourself,

Are you done with being stuck and frustrated, riding the ups and downs of the revenue rollercoaster?

Do you want the steps to create a stable, profitable business and reach your real-life goals?

If so, click the button below and get your invitation to learn more about how Profitable Service Providers can help you.

I can't wait to hear your success story.  ❤️

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