The big question I get asked is,

"How can I make consistent money as a freelancer?"

The surprising thing is that it actually starts with your offer itself.

In the beginning it’s normal to do lots of different things, and say 'yes' to it all...

You get going, start making money, and figure out what you enjoy doing.

But it only takes you so far. 

Here's what happens...

Meet Do-It-All Debbie

She takes any work, because she doesn’t know when more will come her way.

She ends up doing stuff she doesn't really like just to pay the bills.

She undercharges because she worries clients will choose someone else.

Plus, she spends lots of time on social (either posting or lurking) but isn't getting many clients out of it.

She works long hours, often catching up in evenings or weekends.

And then there's Streamlined Sarah

She has 1 main service that she loves doing.

Her rates are higher than average.

She spends minimal time marketing, and has a steady stream of clients.

She typically works just 4 days a week.

Who has a better lifestyle, and earns more?

Yepppp, Sarah's in the 'sweet spot' of getting paid to do work she loves, while having a life.

I'm Sarah now, but I was Debbie for a LONG time.

I used to do anything and everything

And it worked!! I made money. Good money!

But I worked like c-r-a-z-y..... and ended up burning out.

And you might be in a similar path, thinking "there's no way I can keep this up"

Or you want to build a stable business before you get there. And that's great because...

At a certain point, this stops working

Even though you can have some success running your business this way, it eventually comes to a head.

Listen, you can't overcome this by working harder.

You have to work smarter.... and do less.

We think that the more stuff we do, the more clients we'll get

Because you can do it all! One stop shop! Logically it makes sense right?

But counterintuitively, offering too many things leaves you with too few clients.

Here's a big reason why.....

People don't know what you do

And I don’t mean in the way your mom doesn't get it, like “oh yes honey, you do that internet thing” 

I mean dream clients don't get how you can help them.

.... And this is big, because you only get hired when someone understands what problem you solve for them. 

Literally the best marketing you can do is simply specializing and offering 1 clear service.

When clients look for someone who does X, they're not interested in the person who does A B C D E F G, and so on.

It's like those restaurants that do burgers, chow mein, pizza, souvlaki, spaghetti, and sushi.....

They don't specialize in anything. (And it immediately feels like it's just not as good as a place that does, even if it's not true)

Like when you're in the mood for sushi, you probably go to a sushi place - not a restaurant that does everything under the sun.

Do you have too many items on the menu?

In the show Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsey gives flailing restaurant a makeover.

One of the main issues is that there are too many items on the menu.

It's hard to deliver if you're spread too thin!

And here's the kicker......

People need to see an offer 16 times before buying

Your sales cycle is sooo much longer when you have multiple offers,

Because it takes FOREVER to cover each one enough to get someone interested.

So what should you do instead?

You need a Signature Service

I completely restructured my business so it would be sustainable.  I asked myself,

“What's something that people are looking for, that I can easily do in a short amount of time?”

This was the start of my Signature Service, and it completely changed my business.

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