How to double your revenue as a freelancer

(...while enjoying life, & without working like crazy)

Have you ever snort-laughed at something like this, because it hit a little too close to home?

Listennnnn, we've all been there. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Stick with me, and in this article I'll share how you can create consistency in your service business.

Ready to stop the stress of wondering ''how much am I going to make this month?'

Let's goooooo!

Here's what we'll cover

Page 2: How to sidestep the common mistake that keeps freelancers overworked and underpaid

Page 3: The simple shift that can 2X - 5X your revenue (without working harder than you do now)

Page 4: The 3 parts of a stable, enjoyable & profitable freelance business

This is long and in-depth, so you'll want to keep this link handy!

You'll want to read this if you offer done-for-you services

Clients absolutely love your work - now you just want more of them.

Maybe you spend a lot of time creating content or commenting, but it doesn’t bring in clients regularly...

Or you're head-down doing client work, and only come up for air when you realize contracts are ending & you need more work.

Getting a client feels like a lucky fluke, and it seems like you don’t have any control over it. (Referrals are great, but who knows when you'll get one??)

I so get it, because I've been there too!

When I first started my freelance business my husband thought I was crazy..... and for the first few years, he was basically right.

I started in the 'dark ages' of online business - way before it was known, normal, even kinda cool. It just sounded weird... because no one was doing it.

All I could do was wing it, because there was no one who'd done it that could point me in the right direction.

Anyway, I knew if I kept at it I'd eventually figure it out. And I have! And this article will give you insights it took yearssss of trial-and-error to learn.

By the way, I'm Katie Momo.

Copywriter, terrible crafter, Disney dork, nap enthusiast.

If I'm not writing I'm probably curled up with a cuppa tea, 100+ pages deep into a novel.

I've been working with clients now for over a decade. (Thank gawd for wrinkle cream! 😅)

Seriously though, I know my shit. 

I've worked with celeb-preneurs, take 'once-in-a-lifetime' trips several times a year, and make more working part-time than most full-timers.

My work is fun, interesting and fulfilling. 

My business is at the point where I rarely do anything to get work.

Get clients coming to you

In this article I'll share how I have clients coming to me.

I'm not going to pull your chain and pretend you can get here like that *snaps fingers*.

It'll likely take a while. But mannnn, it's worth it!

Because at this point, your revenue increases from of 2 major factors:


You don't have to spend time marketing yourself


You can spend that time on money-making work

➜ No spending time looking for clients

➜ No wasting time cranking out content

➜ No doing things that don’t directly grow your business (unless you want to!)

Instead, you spend that extra time you’ve freed up on client work that actually MAKES you money 🎉

Or watch Netflix! Or do that creative project you've always wanted to! 

Almost every hour I work, I'm actually making money

Equally as important, I spend most of that time in flow state.

Every freelancer should design their business to maximize flow - it's where you feel best, and produce best! (I cover this on Page 3)

Anyway, I only recently started creating content reguarly-ish. Turns out that when I don't have to do it, it's actually fun! 

I know there's a lot of noise out there about posting a lot, becoming and 'authority', etc etc. 

But that's the slowest way to grow your freelance business. It often takes years to see the effects.

(You've probably already tried, but it hasn't produced many more clients, more contracts, more money.)

Anyway, let's get into how to build a more profitable (and enjoyable!) freelance business...

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You'll see how to avoid the common pitfall that keeps freelancers overworked & underpaid.....

You might've seen me here...

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