It's time to

Create your Signature Service! 

Your Signature Service is the main service you offer.

(It's also the main thing you market!)

It is the simplest way to become more profitable, productive, and in-demand.

It’s how you become known, referred, and get a waitlist of people who want it.

It’s also how you build a business without burning out. (Or in my case, how I recovered from burnout 😏)

What is fun and easy for you?

On top of being something that people are looking for, it should also play to your strengths.

What would be fun and exciting to do for a client? Ding ding ding, follow that breadcrumb and see where it leads!

You can think of it as your unfair advantage.

What is something easy and enjoyable for you - that other people struggle with?

For me it was sales pages. People dread them, I’m great at them. Win-win.

A good signature service should be:

✔️ Easy to put together

✔️ Easy to sell

✔️ Easy to do

And coming up we'll get into the 5 questions to answer to create your signature service.

Before we do, the thing everyone wonders is...

Worried it will be boring?

If you're worried you'll be bored doing the same thing all the time, I hear you. 

I’m allergic to boring!! I need to keep things fresh to stay interested and engaged. (Otherwise I fall off the bandwagon)

And even though I follow a similar process each time, my work spans every topic imaginable:

• Organic lettuce farming

• Growing a profitable Facebook group

• Healing digestive issues

• Getting out of debt

• Online art classes for teens struggling with mental health

• Picky eating

• Confidence for introverts

I have a TON of variety! It never feels the same :)

So now that the wheels are turning and you’re starting to think of what to offer, let’s talk about the nuts and bolts…

Done-for-you services fall into 2 camps


with a set beginning and end


with monthly services

I know you might be like *duhhh* but seriously, no one explained this to me - and there's more to consider than what's on the surface.

(And if you know this, you can just scroll past the next couple paragraphs!)

I only discovered the less-obvious factors that make a big difference in your business and life after doing this for years.

So here’s the quick 'n' dirty on the upsides and downsides of both…


  • Short-term services you can deliver quickly
  • Keeps things fresh since you always do something new
  • Easy to adjust pricing
  • Need new clients regularly

I recommend short-term projects for signature services; something you can deliver in a day, week or month.

Any longer than that and projects can suffer from scope creep, which is draggy and eats into your profit, and you run overtime into other projects you have booked.

Projects are SO fun because they keep things fresh since you do something new all the time!

It’s also easy to play with your pricing. You can literally raise the price with every client you take until you find the “upper limit” of what’s easy for people to say yes to.

On the flip side, you need to sign new clients regularly - or offer the same service to your existing clients multiple times.

It’s not as stable as a retainer, so you can balance the “ups and downs” by having a highly desirable offer which makes it easy for people to buy.

Funnel setup, logo design, and sales page copy (my “thing!”) are all examples of projects. 


  • Regular revenue each month
  • Stable and reliable
  • Best for higher-ticket services
  • Can be monotonous

Retainers are sweet because you get money coming in automatically every month!

(I remember running the numbers of “if I have 5 clients at 2K a month, that’s $10,000!!”)

The toughest thing about a retainer is also its greatest strength - it can be stable, but boring.

Retainers work well for higher-ticket services.

Low-ticket services aren’t worth the hassle, and people often find themselves feeling stuck overdelivering to clients who pay too little.

Please don't get trapped in retainers that pay too little! It drains your time, energy and enjoyment - and you'll keep that client waaaay too long because it's hard to let them go.

Price it right the first time, since you want a long-term (profitable!) relationship with retainer clients.

Social media management, Facebook ad management, and email newsletters are all examples of retainers. 

The one you choose seriously affects how you get paid

Really! Just look at these cool graphs.

Even though projects and retainers seem so similar, the way you get paid is totally different. 

  • Projects give sporadic big payments
  • Retainers give steady revenue

It’s worth keeping in mind as you plan your Signature Service.

And ultimately, whatever you choose is just the beginning.

Once your Signature Service is up and running, you might want to move into Phase 2 of being a Profitable Service Provider…

The Perfect Service Business

In a sec we'll get to how to build your Service Suite so you can layer offers and create a Balanced Business, so your revenue looks like this!

Ooo look at that! 

You have a reliable 'cushion' of money, paired with Big Money days. 

Layering the two services together gives the BEST of both worlds.

You have the stability of retainers, with the revenue spikes of projects.

It's the best mix of security, money and freedom.

So let's get into it...

Create your Service Suite

It’s not about creating different offers willy-nilly, it’s about strategically having offers that work together.

The Signature Service acts like the flower that attracts people to you, and the leaves are your add-on services.

These related offers support each other and give clients even more value.

You can layer in the other kind of services to create a Balanced Business - like if your Signature Service is a project, add a retainer.

2 ways to create your Service Suite


with a similar service


the next problem

With continuing with a similar service,

Offer a variation or extension of your existing service.

Like if someone's signature service is writing emails for a funnel, the could offer weekly email newsletters as the retainer.

With solving the next problem,

Address the “next level” problem which arises after doing your Signature Service.

Here’s what I mean:

A graphic designer offering a custom brand kit might offer a monthly design service where they deliver a package of graphics so the business is always on-brand and in season. 

"How can we keep working together?"

I loveeee when clients ask this question!

See, when a client find someone they love working with, they'll want to keep working with them.

Which is exactly what you want!

You'll intentionally set up your signature service to get people asking this.

It’s easier to continue serving a client you already know and love instead of finding a new client.

You offer suite is the perfect way to continue helping that client.

If they don't ask about the next step, offer it yourself! Say something like, “If [this service] was helpful, you might want to think about [getting this other thing done too]."

But keep the focus on your Signature Service 

Now you have a suite of services - but in your marketing, focus on your Signature Service.

It's much easier to market, get known, and referred for one thing.

People know that if they want a sales page for their online course, Katie Momo is the person to talk to. I'm “the sales page gal”

It’s easy to understand the service I provide, so people tell other people. Win!

Just pick 1 thing and OWN IT

Become synonymous with it, so when people think of that service they think of YOU.

So if you know what you want to do already, name it and claim it: “I am the _____ person!”

This is how you become the freelancer that people look for by name.

Because the amazing thing is...

Clients spend 2X - 5X time more when you have an offer suite!

Most of my clients spend 2 to 5 times more than their initial investment because I have the perfect service to complement what we’ve already done. 

I don’t even do anything to make it happen! THEY ask ME!

The dynamic changes completely when THEY come to YOU asking “hey, can we keep working together?” 

Solving the first problem moves them ahead in leaps and bounds, but it reveals the next level problem they need help with. 

And I’ve got the perfect solution ready to go when they ask.

I don’t even have to offer it or “sell” anything. 

I already know they’re going to come back and ask for help with the next step, because I’ve intentionally created this model. 

I’ve had clients say that they’re "addicted" to me because once they get in they just want more Momo. 

It’s an amazing way to run your business!

Time to create your Signature Service

Let’s get back to what you need to focus on now - creating your Signature Service!

Your Signature Service QuickStart Guide:

1. Who is this service for?

2. What will it help them do?

3. What is the deliverable?

4. What’s included? Not included?

5. Why are you the best person to deliver this service?

Once your Signature Service is well established, you can ‘rinse and repeat’ the process to create your add-on offer and build your Balanced Business!

Now that you've got your service figured out, let's talk about how to solve the 3 areas where service providers get stuck...

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Create a stable, enjoyable & profitable business with these 3 things!

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