The 3 parts of a 

stable, enjoyable & profitable service business

Okayyyy! So far we've seen:

➜ It's easiest to market, deliver and sell a Signature Service

➜ A Service Suite creates a Balanced Business Model with reliable cashflow and big money months

➜ This leads to easily 2-5X your revenue per client

We're on the right track 🎉 But it's not the whole story:

If you're feeling stuck in your business, it’s a sign that something is missing.

And it has nothing to do with the actual service you provide. Truth is.....

You're great at what you do.

But nobody showed you how to run a freelance business.

Your business needs 3 things:

❶ An offer people want

❷ A reliable way to attract leads

❸ A process to turn them into clients

Without all of these it's tough to build the enjoyable, successful business you want. 

We’ll dive deep into each of these things in just a sec!

Here's what I know to be true...

When you’re not stressing over where clients will come from, how much you’ll make, or working like crazy….

It improves not only your business, but your whole life

.... At the end of the day you close your MacBook and truly disconnect

....You work less because things are streamlined and simple

....You’re present with your loved ones because you’re not half-thinking about work

....And you have space, time and clarity for creative projects!

This is hugeeee for me!

I dabble in random stuff because I can.... creating journals, designing apparel, making bracelets, painting!

The real question is, what fun things do you want to do?

You can do these things once 'business' is taken care of! 🙌

It's about designing your business intentionally to give yourself time to play.

What would you do with more white space on your calendar?

The 3 parts of a successful service business

Here's what you need to grow a sustainable, enjoyable and profitable freelance business:


You need to...

➜ Offer a Signature Service that makes dream clients think "hey, I need that!"

➜ Clearly articulate what someone will get out of working with you

➜ Take work off someone's plate

➜ Have a sales page that sells your service 24/7 (it does most of the selling for you!)


You need...

➜ A steady stream of perfect-for-you referrals sent to you consistently

➜ The tools to drum up business whenever you need it (no more dry spells)

➜ To know where and how to connect with dream clients (in a totally natural, not weird-or-scammy way)

➜ The 6 social media posts that generate clients (get people reaching out to you!)


You need...

➜ The 7 steps to a high-converting sales call (confidently breeze through a call in 20, 30 minutes!)

➜ A seamless onboarding process so you can get 'down to business' with clients in minutes

➜ Quick Quotes that get the go-ahead from clients

➜ Follow-up strategies that make people happy to hear from you (and turns leads into clients!)

If you're thinking "hmm, I'm definitely missing a few of those things", I got you.

It's actually a good thing, because it's easy to fix - and easy to get you better results in your business!

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